Custom hybridoma development
Generation of hybridoma cell lines (spleenocytes from the hyperimmunized animals fused to SP2/O myeloma cell line) stably secreting mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to your target protein.


mAbs to cytomegalovirus proteins
Our mouse CMV (MCMV) mAbs are widely used as markers of MCMV infection. We have a constantly growing pool of well characterized mAbs to various MCMV and human CMV proteins.


mAbs to Leukocyte receptors and ligands
We are developing batteries of mAbs against NK cell receptors and their ligands and against markers expressed on human and mouse lymphocytes.


mAbs to Varicella zoster virus (VZV) proteins
We expressed most of the VZV proteins and covered the majority of the VZV proteome with qualitative mAbs characterized in ELISA, western blot and immunofluorescence.


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Center for Proteomics is now part of the European Monoclonal Antibodies Network.

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